Beer: Black Diamond Brewing: Rampage Imperial IPA

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Black Diamond Brewing - Rampage Imperial IPA - 2012

Black Diamond Brewing’s Rampage Imperial IPA.
The pour was a bit on the headless side, but that might have been my fault. Color is a nice clear copper tint.
Ahhh yea…the smell is that radical hop party that I’ve become so addicted to. The flavor is pretty light going into the mouth, but then the hop bite starts to kick in, along with some of the punch from the alcohol. Not surprising since this monster weighs in at 9.0% ABV. Actually, upon further inspection, the alcohol content becomes quite clear. It’s definitely noticable, but not in a bad way. This is just a big beer that brings with it a high octane punch. Once swallowed, the after-bite of hop bitterness is strong. More on the malty earth side than the citrusy and bright. Another observation is the carbonation level…while not overly carbonated, it is on the more bubbly side of things.
Lastly, I gotta say, the label is an eye-catcher. The dope elephant character with fire blazing in the eyes was calling my name. Props to whoever’s responsible for creating it.

Overall, good stuff with a nice kick. A 22oz. set me back $6.29 at BevMo.
Black Diamond Brewery is located in Concord, CA.

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