Graffiti: The World is Waking Up to the New World Order

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Mear One’s latest mural is straight up badass. Here’s a narrated version that gives some background story as the painting unfolded:

What’s crazy, is the amount of insanity that continued after the painting was finished. Almost immediately, somebody wrote “No to anti-antisemitism” over it. Not long after a couple of different tags were hit over it, someone decided to white wall the central image.

Mear One - Enemy of Humanity - New World OrderI guess some people don’t like any anti-greed imagery in their neighborhoods. What’s strange, is how out of context art can be taken. I didn’t see anything but a mural that clearly represented the ultra-elite money hoarders keeping the working class down…while the world burns in the background.

Too bad the shit got dissed. Either way, big up to Mear on the effort and the execution.

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