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Movie - Goon - Sean William Scott
Over the weekend we checked out a new comedy called ‘Goon’. The movie stars Sean William Scott as a well-meaning lost soul who has a bit of a gift. That gift? …the ability to beat the shit outta folks that dare get in his way. I didn’t expect much from the movie, but ended up laughing quite a bit and digging it overall. There’s plenty of over-the-top shock humor provided by Jay Baruchel, who plays his insanely loud buddy with a knack for the ‘inappropriate’. It’s a standard dork rises to fame story, but it’s done well and provides the essential laughs that a comedy should.
If you like hockey, fights, and laughing, this movie is right up your alley. As usual, I recommend some alcoholic beverages to accompany you on this cinematic journey to enhance the comedic effect.
From what I can tell, this flick was released in Canada in 2011, but released in the US in 2012.
Check imdb for more info.

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