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What an eye opener! Folks, you gotta make sure to check out this movie.
Hot Coffee, in essence, is a documentary film about how our rights, as citizens, to have a trial by jury has slowly been stripped away from us. The movie starts out explaining what really happened in the infamous “this lady got $2 million for suing McDonalds for her coffee being too hot” case. I’m telling you, you’ve gotta check this movie out. I guarantee you’ll change that opinion you’ve held for all these years about this lady and her ‘frivolous’ lawsuit.
From there though the documentary takes you through the various steps that have been taken by various entities (corporations mainly) to try to strip away your rights to take legal action in the event that you are wronged/harmed/raped/etc. Yes, I said raped. There’s a crazy story about a girl that worked for Halibuton’s subsidiary in Iraq. It’s nuts. Super sad.
As usual, my goal is not to dissect the flick or give too much detail, but instead just to bring a very important piece of documentary film to your attention. This is one of those movies that I really think should be mandatory viewing and shown in school classrooms.

You need to know what Tort Reform means and how it affects you.
You need to know what Mandatory Arbitration is and how you’re already contractually bound by it.
You need to check out Hot Coffee and try to get friends and family to watch it as well.
The more of us that are informed, the better off we’ll be.

*I recommend using those Wiki links above after viewing the movie. The movie does a better job of explaining these terms with real life examples and how they are put into practice.
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