iPhone User? You Can Now Make Phone Calls.

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iPhone owners! This could be the best news to date concerning the lack of reliable phone communication via your iDevice. If this magical spray antenna is the real deal, iPhone users everywhere will enjoy phone use without dropped calls: (iPhone specific info at 7:49)

I used to use an iPhone. Great gadget, horrible phone. Proof is in the reviews and complaints by AT&T customers that hopped on the bandwagon (myself included) to get the coolest pocket computer/phone available at the time. Both the 3G and 3GS were only available on AT&T and because of that, AT&T soon earned the reputation for having a shotty network. Old Nokia’s from the 90’s, on that same network didn’t drop calls, but the fanciest gadget phone ever was all about dropping calls…constantly. Fast forward to the iPhone 4 and still…there are antenna issues. Verizon, knowing about the cheeseball antenna and the issues of the iPhones, contracts with the good folks over at Apple to redesign the phone so that it has a more robust antenna…in hopes of preventing their network from appearing as shitty as AT&T’s seemed to be.
Anyway…who gives a shit? With this new magic spray paint, you could turn your whole house into a monster antenna and suck power straight outta thin air. Regardless of the phone or network, you could make calls from a submarine (as long as it was painted with the magic spray on antenna first).

Is this true? Doesn’t seem like it. Plenty of ‘experts’ are chiming in on YouTube complaining that the technical details don’t cut the mustard. If it is though, be sure to be the first to order it once it starts making the rounds of late night info-mmercial spots.

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  1. xiaman February 29th, 2012 7:14 am

    an expert is just a drip under pressure.
    makes sense to me.
    remember back in history every inventor was said to be a fake.
    this could change the world.

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