Legalize Marijuana Infographic – Repeal Cannabis Prohibition

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Folks, the war on drugs is an indisputable failure…when looking at the facts and taking the emotional bullshit out of the argument. The fact of the matter is that it does not matter if you, yourself don’t like something, it’s that adults need to have the freedom to relax as they see fit. Whether that be reading the bible, or puffin the herb…or both at the same time for you adventurous types. If you believe that the facts don’t lie, we encourage you to speak up when possible. Especially in the voting booth. Drugs are a personal choice…how would you like it if dangerous drugs like caffeine were taken away from you because some people don’t like caffeine? Ridiculous, right? Spread the word/truth…
Legalize Marijuana Infographic - Repeal Cannabis Prohibition

Legalize Marijuana Infographic - Repeal Cannabis Prohibition
If you’re a parent, you NEED to realize that kids have an easier time getting illegal drugs than legal ones. Ask them if you don’t believe it. Kids are not safer. We are not safer. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that is and has been operating with no taxable benefits to the public, while lining the pockets of shitheads.
Parents, ask yourself: How hard was it for you, your friends, or other kids you knew to get drugs back in ‘your day’? Case closed. Drugs are a permanent fixture in every society. The question is, are we dealing with that fact responsibly? Obviously not.
Spread the word.
Stop being a pussy.

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