Reggae: Skarra Mucci – Jah Blessings (Jaguar Riddim)

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Hold up, folks. Lemme start by saying this: If you were to ask me today, who my favorite ‘new’ reggae entertainer is, I’d be able to answer quickly with Skarra Mucci. Sometime last year I checked out the Jaguar Riddim and lucky for myself, and the world, Skarra Mucci had a track featured on it. That track is called “Jah Blessings” and it’s a banger. As time has gone on, I’ve been listening to more and more from this cat and truss me, this dude is the real deal, bringin some straight up conscious vibes, killer vocals, and mad potential for a bright future. Peep the (simple) vid for “Jah Blessings”:

“Jah send me blessings in the form of rain!”

I got a feeling we’ll be hearing/seeing more from this dude in the near future. Let’s hope I’m right.


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  1. Coot Wyman July 29th, 2012 4:56 pm

    nice vibes Zonk!

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