Movie: The Age Of Stupid (2009)

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The Age Of Stupid - Movie - 2009
The Age of Stupid is a documentary film done in a fictional light. The movie is presented as if it’s the future, after humankind has ruined the planet. Actor Pete Postlethwaite plays ‘The Archivist’ who walks us through some of the warning signs that we had and ignored or didn’t take seriously enough, which ends up causing our demise. It’s an interesting take on the documentary genre. There is a lot of info, a lot of personal stories, and it’s all presented in an interesting format.
Obviously, the filmmakers are not questioning whether or not man is ruining the planet and are instead saying we definitely are, the warning signs are loud and clear, and that we are headed down the wrong path. The movie makes a good case for their viewpoint.

Anyway, I’m a big fan of documentaries and this is a cool one to check out…either all at once or break it into a couple of sittings, like I did.

Knowledge is the key.

For more info: IMDb – The Age of Stupid

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