Beer: Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary Reborn As RuinTen!

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Well folks, it’s officially offical. Stone Brewery is bringing back the Ruination 10th anniversary each year as a yearly tribute to their awesome monster IPA. It’s called RuinTen and will hit shelves in June each year.
For anyone that has had Stone Ruination IPA, you know that it’s a monster and hard to top. Unless, of course, you were able to get your hands on the Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary that was released last year (2012). Surprisingly (or not), Stone managed to recreate their original recipe as an even beastlier palate destroying hop bomb. Sadly, it was gone before we knew it, and, being an anniversary release, doomed to disappear from the planet. Due to popular demand, Stone listened to their customers, and now we all get to re-celebrate each year with RuinTen. Bad-fuckin-ass.
From Stone: If you were among the throngs of people clamoring for more of last year’s Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA, then we have great news for you! That glorious hop monster, even bigger and, incredibly, hoppier than the original Stone Ruination IPA it commemorated, has been reborn as Stone RuinTen IPA. Your prayers will be answered as it begins hitting store shelves all over the country on Monday, June 17th. Mark your calendar and start counting down the hours!

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