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What up, folks?
One of my favorite DJ’s released a new album called Sound Ambassador via Bandcamp last month (12.12.12). DJ Drez has been putting out super dope mixes since the 90’s and now we get to enjoy full production from him. Musically, he’s probably most well known (nowadays) for his Jahta Beats series…which, if you’re into yoga-beats, you need to pick that shit up.
Here’s his latest shizzle…with guest artists including Myka Nine, Jah Suns, Zaire Black, and more. A little bit of reggae, a dash of yoga, blended with hip-hop. Enjoy:

01. Sound Ambassador 02:14
02. Traveler feat. Ac,Yarah and Myka 04:34
03. Jah Light Jah Love feat. Jah Suns 03:20
04. Black Swan Lounge feat. Marti Nikko 05:04
05. Flow High feat. Marti Nikko & Marty Williams 04:05
06. Malawi Freestylin feat. Joshua Chirwa 03:30
07. Colors feat. Sheela Bringi 04:12
08. Look To The East feat. Marti Nikko 04:31
09. Streets Never Sleep feat. Orlando Royal 03:54
10. Mr. President feat. Alula 05:05
11. The Ladder feat. Zaire Black and David Gathers 04:24
12. Grand Starr 02:44

From Dj Drez:
This album is a journey into HipHop, Reggae, Jazz, and World music.

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