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By now you are likely aware that carbon dioxide levels have reached 400 parts per million in Earth’s atmosphere. It’s been three million years since that last happened, but there were no humans around then to endure the epic sea level rise, crazy droughts, hotter temps, and the mass swampification of once-arable land.

Scientists are just as certain as ever that this is the case—a recent study revealed that 97% of scientific papers that tackle climate change confirm it’s caused by human activity—but many people remain unconvinced. Maybe that’s because words are often boring, and a lot of them are written on the internet, where it is especially easy not to believe things.

Good thing then that we also have charts, visualizations, maps and graphs. Yes, charts are also posted on the internet. They are, however, arguably easier to not be distracted from. So, in the name of good data ecology, here is the story of our 400 ppm world told with fewer words, and more lines and numbers. Starting with the most important number of all

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