TrendyInk: 6 Year Anniversary

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Well, six years ago, TrendyInk was unleashed unto the world wide web. At first I put together an Apache server at my place, and hosted the site straight from my living room. After a short while I realized that hosting was dirt cheap, and waaay more reliable so I switched to a professional host. I was working for myself at that time and so it seemed perfect to invest extra time on the site, and spread the word with guerrilla marketing. I also got help from 7hertZ, who did a shitload in the way of bringing content and laughs. In a pretty short time, the site was doing great; sub 500,000 listed on Alexa, top 10 pageranks on several keywords, people sharing links, and at least 2,000 hits a day. For a project that I had no real goals for, the site was bringing in plenty of beer money and things were good.
Then comes the infinite wisdom of the folks over at Google, with their latest algorithm incarnation called Panda. These faggoty cocksuckers de-ranked the site overnight and also decided that TrendyInk should be categorized as a porn site. Traffic fell through the floor and shit was a mess. We kept keeping on and doing our thing and my hope was that sooner or later, we’d climb back up and things would go back to normal. That never happened. With traffic down to a pathetic <200 hits a day, motivation to post waned. Not to mention the shoddy security over at GoDaddy which has enabled backdoor attacks using php expoits, which has had the site hosting various types of bullshit on several occasions. Obviously we fixed what the attacks had done each time, but they were just another blow to morale.

I’ve been trying to think about what to do with the site for a while now. As of right now, I’ve got no good ideas. I might just keep posting funny shit at random times for the fuck of it. Who knows. Then again, maybe since Google labeled the site as a porno site, I should just say fuck it and go full bore with that direction. Bring the world another site full of facials and giants titties.

Anyway, to whoever is still paying attention, there’s the history, and an update. Thanks for visiting.

Happy fucking Six Mother-fuckin year anniversary.


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  1. xiaman September 27th, 2013 4:25 pm

    happy six years, shame on the porn rating

  2. zOnk.oNe October 4th, 2013 7:21 am

    Yo…thanks Xia. Nice to hear from you and thanks for supporting for so long :)

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