World’s Quietest Room, Anechoic Chamber In Minneapolis, Absorbs Sound

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world's quietest roomLooking for a unique way to cause insanity? Here’s the perfect solution: the world’s quietest room. The Anechoic Champer at Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis is the world’s quietest room.
“Your eyes don’t feel as comfortable in this room,” the creator, Steve Orfield correctly pointed out, adding that some visitors have had hallucinations during or after a spell in there. “You lose your touchstones.”

Small wonder, then, that even Orfield spends no more than a half-hour at a time in the 99.99 percent soundproof anechoic chamber, and no one has lasted in there for more than 45 minutes.

Click that link above for more info. Crazy shit…I’m definitely not interested in spending more than 30 seconds in there.

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