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I read this cool article over at mdaniels.com about Outkast. Here’s a taste:

As a fan of hip hop etymology (my breakdown of the word “shorty”, here), I looked for Outkast’s role as potential inventors of slang. Turns out that there’s definitely a case for Outkast first-use of “crunk” and “skeet”.

What I never realized is that this is consistent with Outkast’s position as the face of southern hip hop – “crunk” and “skeet” both originated from the south. Southern themes in hip hop are intimately connected to Outkast’s legacy.

Here’s why: before Outkast, southern hip hop was jokingly called “country shit” by east/west-coast constituencies. People began to take the South more seriously when Outkast won the ’95 Source award for best new group. During the acceptance speech, the east/west-coast’s lack of respect for the south revealed itself in the form of boos from the audience.

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