Colorado’s Pot Catch 22

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Snatched from The Daily Beast:

Could You Lose Your Job for Smoking Legal Pot?
Veterans may be lining to buy legal marijuana, but others who fear being fired for testing positive are staying home. How one court case could free them to ‘recreate’ responsibly.

Please let’s not have Eastern establishment media blowhards define the narrative about Colorado’s nascent experiment with marijuana legalization. It’s not just that their cramped, antiquated views are objectively wrong, which they are. It’s that they have no standing, none at all, to make moral or ethical or even legal or political judgments about the statement the people of Colorado and the state of Washington made in November 2012 and since about manner in which they choose to recreate and the ceaseless futility of the nation’s marijuana policies.

Armchair moralists in New York or Washington aren’t tribunes of some wizened truth. They are instead avatars of the hypocrisy that lies at the heart of the debate. Of America’s loving embrace of alcohol, the pervasiveness of television commercials sensationalizing its use, the terrible costs of our failed drug war, the racial inequalities of enforcement, the drug’s indisputable medicinal uses, they offer barely a word. What could they say? That we all are bound still and forever by the dubious choice our grandparents made 75 years ago to legally distinguish marijuana from whiskey? That all those cancer patients aided all those years by pot are lying? To paraphrase Denver’s marijuana website, the answer is no.

The truth is that the morality of marijuana use cuts in many directions—and does not belong solely to wealthy baby boomers afraid to allow brave new facts to challenge old biases. And the truth in Colorado is that there will not be some grand rush to ingest pot because there cannot by law be such a grand rush. For every earnest veteran standing in line to buy marijuana there are 10 nurses, or accountants, or bus drivers, or other responsible, respectable members of society who cannot use lawful marijuana for fear of losing a job, or an apartment lease, or custody of a child, or some government benefit. This is what happens when a bold state initiative conflicts with stale federal law.
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