TrendyInk has been providing web entertainment since 2007 and grown from a tiny site that nobody knew about, with no marketing, to a tiny site that some people know about…with no marketing. Actually, the number of visitors each day is pretty encouraging and has steadily grown from month to month since the launch (usually well over 1,000 hits/day). Knowing that, you can feel safe and secure with the knowledge that you aren’t alone here. There’s plenty of other people doing the same thing you are.
The goal here is to provide interesting stuff to help you waste your time, hopefully with a smile on your face (click), or a ‘holy shit!’ while watching something crazy (click). We’d love for our visitors to use the links on the right to send us images, video links, or tell us that we’re awesome, or shitheads, but we won’t be as stoked with the latter.
Anyway, we hope you dig the site, and the content. We’re doing it for fun and we hope it shows. Thanks for visiting, and hopefully passing the word along to your friends.


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  1. Oxyman80mg June 26th, 2010 10:19 am

    Love the FunkDooby vid; http://www.trendyink.net/blog/category/hip-hop/ – few people remmeber this. i used to blast the tape on my days station wagon stereo – crazy bass* High School …. Rock on.

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