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Everything Science Knows About Hangovers—And How to Cure Them

September 03rd, 2014 | Category: Drinks,Knowledge
Good morning, sunshine! You are so screwed.

The light coming in through the window is so … there. You’d kill for a glass of water but die if it came with food. Your guts are in full rebellion; whatever happens next is going to happen in the bathroom. You have at least a couple of the following symptoms: headache, malaise, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, the shakes. You might also be dehydrated and feel generally slow—a little stupider, a little less coordinated.

You, my friend, have a hangover. And you can take heart in the fact that you’re not alone. Some 77 percent of all drinkers report suffering from them. (The scientific term for the other 23 percent is “jerks.”) But here’s the amazing part: The underlying cause of your suffering remains a mystery. “What causes a hangover? Nobody really knows,” says epidemiologist Jonathan Howland. “And what can you do about it? Nobody knows.”

Alcohol has long been the only recreational drug for which scientists could not articulate a mechanism of action—which is to say, no one knew how it got you drunk, and no one knew how it got you hungover. And that’s weird. Because hangovers are a problem of vast proportions. By one estimate, hangovers cost $160 billion in lost revenue every year in the US alone. Yet for decades, even as scientists have written hundreds of thousands of articles about alcohol, only a tiny fraction of that attention—just a few hundred papers—have focused on the hangover. In fact, it wasn’t until the past decade or so that researchers even agreed to define hangover with a common group of symptoms.
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MillerCoors Brewery Now Recycles All Waste

June 25th, 2013 | Category: Drinks,News

MillerCoors brewery now recycles all waste - The Denver Post

Workers in the nation’s largest brewery have transformed their operations and no longer send any garbage to dumps.

After nearly two years of developing ways to divert 135 tons of trash each month, MillerCoors leaders on Monday announced that all waste now is recycled.

Two years ago, brewery managers were paying Waste Management to haul those tons of glass, spent grain and hops, plastics and metals for burial in metro landfills. MillerCoors now projects a $1 million a year revenue boost from the sale of recycled materials at the Golden plant alone.

Hops and barley, prime ingredients in the annual production of 346 million gallons of beer, is trucked away daily and used to feed cattle.

Discarded glass is sent to a nearby plant that makes new bottles.

Cardboard moves to mills. Plastic wrapping becomes grist for composite decking at homes. Metals are hauled to scrap yards for re-sale into global commodities markets.

Making this shift “is important,” said Phil Savastano, MillerCoors’ vice president in charge of the brewery. “We feel that, in order to compete long into the future, we need to protect our resources and maintain our environment.”

Read more: MillerCoors brewery now recycles all waste – The Denver Post

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Beer: Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary Reborn As RuinTen!

May 24th, 2013 | Category: Drinks

Well folks, it’s officially offical. Stone Brewery is bringing back the Ruination 10th anniversary each year as a yearly tribute to their awesome monster IPA. It’s called RuinTen and will hit shelves in June each year.
For anyone that has had Stone Ruination IPA, you know that it’s a monster and hard to top. Unless, of course, you were able to get your hands on the Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary that was released last year (2012). Surprisingly (or not), Stone managed to recreate their original recipe as an even beastlier palate destroying hop bomb. Sadly, it was gone before we knew it, and, being an anniversary release, doomed to disappear from the planet. Due to popular demand, Stone listened to their customers, and now we all get to re-celebrate each year with RuinTen. Bad-fuckin-ass.
From Stone: If you were among the throngs of people clamoring for more of last year’s Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA, then we have great news for you! That glorious hop monster, even bigger and, incredibly, hoppier than the original Stone Ruination IPA it commemorated, has been reborn as Stone RuinTen IPA. Your prayers will be answered as it begins hitting store shelves all over the country on Monday, June 17th. Mark your calendar and start counting down the hours!

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Alaskan Brewing Goes Green With Beer-Powered Beer

February 05th, 2013 | Category: Drinks

Alaskan Brewing Company

The Alaskan Brewing Co. (in Juneau, Alaska) is going green, but instead of looking to solar and wind energy, it has turned to a very familiar source: beer.

The Juneau-based beer maker has installed a unique boiler system in order to cut its fuel costs. It purchased a $1.8 million furnace that burns the company’s spent grain — the waste accumulated from the brewing process — into steam which powers the majority of the brewery’s operations.

Company officials now joke they are now serving “beer-powered beer.”

What to do with spent grain was seemingly solved decades ago by breweries operating in the Lower 48. Most send the used grain, a good source of protein, to nearby farms and ranches to be used as animal feed. More Alaskan Brewing Goes Green

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Documentary: How Beer Saved the World!

January 02nd, 2013 | Category: Drinks,Uncategorized

Yep, it’s true. We all owe our thanks to wonderfully delicious beer. Check out this killer documentary How Beer Saved The World:

This is such a cool twist on popular human history. As an avid beer drinker, this is the history I choose to believe.

Be sure to pass this one along and share the knowledge!

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Pumpkin Keggin.

October 12th, 2012 | Category: Drinks


*Instead of pouring that beer in like a monkey, be sure to tilt the beer and pumpkin so your whole shit doesn’t go flat immediately.
*Better get yourself a bigass pumpkin. Unless you’re planning on handing one of these to each guest, which is what would have to happen with my friends. Who shares a six-pack?
*Matter of fact, just fill the shit with Vodka, Sprite, and champagne. Then drop a little brick of dry ice in it once you’re about to start serving. Chicks will dig it. Booyow!

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White House Home Brew.

September 18th, 2012 | Category: Drinks

If you’re a ‘real’ beer-nerd, then I’m sure you’ve already heard about the petition to the White House to release the recipe for the White House Honey Ale, but here’s a cool behind the scenes look at their process. Peep it:

If I was in the White House, there would definitely be beer brewing. Good shit.

Want the recipe so you can brew this up for yourself? Here you go:
White House Beer Recipes

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