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Movie: Drift (2013)

July 28th, 2013 | Category: Movies/TV

What up, folks? I watched this movie the other day and figured it’d be a good’n to recommend since it isn’t the typical mass-marketed hollywood shizzle. Based on true events, the movie Drift follows the lives of two Australian brothers that grow up surfing and turn their passion into a successful business. Yep, doesn’t sound insanely entertaining, but I suggest checking it out on like a Sunday morning. I enjoyed it. Cool surfing footage, some eye candy in the form of the Hawaiian chick love interest, 70’s vibe, and, of course, a happy ending (plus booze and drugs!)

Word up. Enjoy.

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Documentary: A Place at the Table (2012)

July 19th, 2013 | Category: Movies/TV
A Place At The Table (Documentary)

Once again folks, we’re recommending you take some time out of your busy lives, and instead of watching some of the typical entertainment fluff, take some time to fill your brain with important knowledge. The documentary ‘A Place At The Table’ is something that every American should watch. The subject of hunger or food stamps…welfare…they all come up often, and many times it’s straight up depressing to hear what fellow Americans say regarding their countryman. Everybody isn’t lazy. Everyone isn’t out to take advantage of you and your tax dollars.
This movie presents the very real problem of hunger in America. It’s well presented and, for such a somber subject, enjoyable to watch. My guess is that no matter your per-conceived knowledge on the subject, there’s information that’s worth hearing, and hopefully, worth sharing once you’ve heard it (unless, of course, you’re already on the front lines of the issue, either hungry, or trying to provide help to those in need). Watch it, then recommend to a friend.

It’s absolutely amazing that hunger is such a huge problem in our country today. After watching this doc, the obesity epidemic makes a whole lot more sense though…

Click to watch A Place At The Table Trailer

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Movie: Red Dawn 2012

February 28th, 2013 | Category: Movies/TV

I watched this movie last night…Red Dawn (2012). I’m sure most folks know that this is a remake of an 80’s classic, with Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen, but here it is just in case.
Anyway, about this new version: it’s shit. It’s not the storyline or the cinematography that makes it shit. It’s mostly the number two lead, Josh Peck who plays the younger brother. This kid is so embarrassingly bad. There are plenty of awkward moments in the movie without this kid, but each time he’s on screen, it’s cringe-worthy. To be honest, if this updated story/plot had a top-notch replacement for Josh’s part, it’d still be only Sunday afternoon good, but still. I gotta lay heavy blame on the bad casting. I’m know there were other things that retarded the movie…but it’s the day after, and the kid is the only thing I wanted to make sure and share with the world.

Thanks for fuckin up this movie so bad, Josh.

If you watch this, please make sure you’ve got plenty of booze, a big ‘special’ brownie in your system, and maybe a separate tv with another movie on it to get through it.

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Movies: Cuz We Know You Want To Know

September 06th, 2012 | Category: Movies/TV

Just how do they restore old movies? BOO YAH. Here you go:

I initially passed up the opportunity to check out Jaws on Bluray when I first saw it was coming out. After watching this, I think I gotta check it out. The restoration shots they show and the 7.1 channel sound upmix makes this a classic that needs to be re-viewed.

Dope shit.

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Movie: Hot Coffee (2011)

July 27th, 2012 | Category: Movies/TV

Hot Coffee - Movie Poster - HBO
What an eye opener! Folks, you gotta make sure to check out this movie.
Hot Coffee, in essence, is a documentary film about how our rights, as citizens, to have a trial by jury has slowly been stripped away from us. The movie starts out explaining what really happened in the infamous “this lady got $2 million for suing McDonalds for her coffee being too hot” case. I’m telling you, you’ve gotta check this movie out. I guarantee you’ll change that opinion you’ve held for all these years about this lady and her ‘frivolous’ lawsuit.
From there though the documentary takes you through the various steps that have been taken by various entities (corporations mainly) to try to strip away your rights to take legal action in the event that you are wronged/harmed/raped/etc. Yes, I said raped. There’s a crazy story about a girl that worked for Halibuton’s subsidiary in Iraq. It’s nuts. Super sad.
As usual, my goal is not to dissect the flick or give too much detail, but instead just to bring a very important piece of documentary film to your attention. This is one of those movies that I really think should be mandatory viewing and shown in school classrooms.

You need to know what Tort Reform means and how it affects you.
You need to know what Mandatory Arbitration is and how you’re already contractually bound by it.
You need to check out Hot Coffee and try to get friends and family to watch it as well.
The more of us that are informed, the better off we’ll be.

*I recommend using those Wiki links above after viewing the movie. The movie does a better job of explaining these terms with real life examples and how they are put into practice.
IMDb-Hot Coffee

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My Block Needs This Button.

July 02nd, 2012 | Category: Funny/Etc.,Movies/TV

Check out what this innocent looking button does:

Hahah…that’s rad. Super cool way to create a commercial…although if they tried that shit in the United States, you know someone would sue for something or other.
With all the gun shots, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had a friggin heart attack.

I guess TNT knows drama.

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Movie: Goon (2011)

April 09th, 2012 | Category: Movies/TV

Movie - Goon - Sean William Scott
Over the weekend we checked out a new comedy called ‘Goon’. The movie stars Sean William Scott as a well-meaning lost soul who has a bit of a gift. That gift? …the ability to beat the shit outta folks that dare get in his way. I didn’t expect much from the movie, but ended up laughing quite a bit and digging it overall. There’s plenty of over-the-top shock humor provided by Jay Baruchel, who plays his insanely loud buddy with a knack for the ‘inappropriate’. It’s a standard dork rises to fame story, but it’s done well and provides the essential laughs that a comedy should.
If you like hockey, fights, and laughing, this movie is right up your alley. As usual, I recommend some alcoholic beverages to accompany you on this cinematic journey to enhance the comedic effect.
From what I can tell, this flick was released in Canada in 2011, but released in the US in 2012.
Check imdb for more info.

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