David Crowe – Smokers Are Persecuted…

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I just watched dudes latest stand up called ‘Crooked Finder’ the other night. It was pretty good, but this one part was friggin dope. Some funny ass shizzle if you ax me.

Anybody down to try this in a real bar? Let me know so I can bring the video equipment and document it…hehehe.


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zOnk.oNe: Afghanistan Cave Painting…

..just got back from my trip overseas. Here’s one of the crazy spots I hit while over there.
zonk.one-afghanistan cave graffiti - 2009



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I Love Slow Motion.

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Brother’s don’t shake hands brother’s throw stuff at each other. HAHA


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G.I. Joe – Public Service Announcement (Reggae)…

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One Man Band

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A dope beatboxer doin’ his thang.


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TrendyInk Gets Its’ First Malicious Hacks…

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Site Down...hacked
For those of you that frequent the site, at least semi-regularly, you might have noticed some strange occurrences over the past couple months. Things like…when navigating to the site, you get a blank white page and nothing else. Or maybe you saw ‘strange’ error codes thrown in various places and things not looking ‘normal.’ Well, this is thanks to an attacker maliciously exploiting the website. I’m not sure why anyone would target this site, but they did. Anyway, it sucked and I’m hoping that things stay ‘safe’ from now on. I am definitely not going to talk shit on the person(s) who did it, because the last thing my ‘hobby’ needs is an angry nemesis.
So…apologies to those of you that came to view content and had a less than thrilling experience. I’ll do my best to keep the content flowing freely from now on.


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Reggae News: ‘Real’ Story Behind The Luciano Attack…

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Luciano Attacked With Lead Pipe: Why?Well folks, for those of you that keep up to date on current events in the realm of reggae, you’ve most definitely heard the news about “Luciano aka ‘Jah Messenher’ Beaten With Lead Pipe”. And for those that haven’t heard, the story is being reported that Luciano was brutally attacked while at a gas station by an old associate that had beef with him for the past 10 years or so. I’ve seen this version reported over and over again from the big Jamaica and Reggae news outlets and each time, the attacker ‘Freckles’ is painted as a nuts dude that, for no rational reason, ups and hits Luci over the head with a lead pipe. Well, as usual, there’s another side to this story. One that isn’t showing favor to Luciano, whose obviously favored by the news outlets due to his great works as a singer and artist. I’m only reporting this other side, because, if true, I definitely feel for this poor Freckles dude, and am bummed at how Luciano has acted. Read the rest of this to get the story as reported by Jamaicapressrelease.com:

Singer Luciano, AKA “Jah Messenger,” whose given name is Jepther McClymont, was beaten with a lead pipe on Friday, February 20th, and required 6 stitches in his face, after he was allegedly attacked by his sound engineer, “Freckles” Trench at a service station, on Constant Spring Road and Dunrobin Ave, in Kingston.

Freckles, who is a well known and respected writer, producer and sound engineer, for artists like Maxi Priest and Beenie Man, spoke exclusively to intrepid reporter, Brittany Somerset, about the alleged incident. According to Freckles, the beating was long overdue, in retaliation for Luciano dispatching his boys to cut chop up Freckles’ back and his thumb over a disagreement about money. Read more


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