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Smart People Movie
This movie should have been called “Depressing People”. Nothing against the actors, who did their job, but this is not an uplifting movie. If you want to watch a painfully awkward family deal with a chapter of their lives, this this one’s for you.

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Hello World… A Classic WTF? Moment.

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What’s up world?

I have been blessed with the chance to blog along side Z1 himself. I’m really excited to be on here and can’t wait to reach out to you all. Just so you know, a co-worker put me on to this video. I don’t go out searching this stuff. So here I go totally abusing it already.


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New Air Purifier: Concrete…

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Air purifying concreteTHE HAGUE: A road in a small Dutch town is to be paved with air-purifying concrete in a trial that could lead to a new method to fight exhaust pollution.

Experts from the University of Twente in The Netherlands developed and tested the concrete paving stones which contain a titanium dioxide-based catalyst.

In laboratory conditions, the additive – under the influence of sunlight – binds the nitrogen oxide particles emitted by car exhausts and turns them into harmless nitrates.

“With one rain shower everything is washed clean,” the institution said in a statement.

Greener paving

Nitrogen oxides, produced by industry and motor vehicles, are among the main air pollutants that lead to acid rain and smog. Read more

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GoDaddy Hosting Failure…

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GoDaddy Hosting FailureWell, if this is your second time to my site today, you probably noticed that for the first half of the day, my site was showing a beautiful white page (Firefox) or a ‘page cannot be displayed’ type page for IE users. I guess GoDaddy’s 99.9% guaranteed uptime wasn’t in effect today. I wonder if they’ll comp me for that down time and missed visits to the site? So far, godaddy has been a good host and I haven’t had many complaints. One BIG complaint though, for anyone that might be thinking of getting hosting, GoDaddy provides no 800 number to contact them with. This is a huge mistake on their part since most calls are guaranteed to have a wait time and their offices are in Texas. I usually use my land line for any tech calls, since most reputable companies offer a toll-free number and my cell phone minutes aren’t unlimited.

Anyway…sorry for the disruption in service. Please send any hate mail to


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Explanation For The Recent Gas/Oil Prices…

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This is a pretty enlightening video. It’s kinda long for you net-heads that have an attention span that rivals the life of a lightning bolt, but it’s worth the watch. This is the kind of info that more people should pay attention to. Looks like the wonderful folks that brought the West Coast to that mess of rolling blackouts a while back have found a new toy: oil. Some serious money was made in a malicious way, and it’s my guess that nobody will get in any serious trouble for it. Hopefully I’m wrong, but history usually repeats itself.
The historic swings in oil prices last year were the result of financial speculation from Wall Street and not supply and demand. Steve Kroft investigates.

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Beer Valley Brewing: Leafer Madness Imperial Pale Ale…

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Beer Valley Brewing: Leafer Madness IPA
Woo! Another beer to add to the review/drank list. This one comes from Beer Valley Brewing in Ontario, Oregon and has the great name of “Leafer Madness: Imperial Pale Ale”. Weighing in with a hefty 9% alcohol content, this one screamed from the shelf to ‘Buy Me!’. …which…of course, I did. I had it in the fridge for a couple of days because I wanted to make sure to be of clear mind and palette before sipping this bad bwoy. And since happy hour at the Goat happened on Friday, and Saturday was happy hour at Tatalum’s, basically today is the first day to get to this.

Upon first sappin on this thing, I notice a pretty distinct flavor. It’s good, but not exactly the spot-on IPA flavor that I look for. Not to discourage anyone from drinking it though, because it’s definitely worth drinking and trying it. It’s just a tad bit different from what I’m used to. There are definitely some serious flavor explosions once this stuff hits your tongue, and it is a thick drink (for an IPA). With such a high alcohol content though, it is surprisingly mellow and I wouldn’t guess it was 9% by the flavor.
This stuff was released in very limited quantities, so go out and grab yours soon. This is from their website: This edition of Leafer Madness Imperial Pale Ale was brewed with 200 pounds of fresh Chinook hop flowers. Only 2400 bottles of these special beers were packaged. Leafer Madness Imperial Pale Ale as created during the great hop shortage of 2008, but there is no shortage of hops in this beer. Read more

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Zonk One: Most Rotten Sticker – 2009…

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Zonk One - M.R. - Sticker - 2009
I was chillin yesterday listenin to the band Upstream in Long Beach at this dope resteraunt called Tantalum. I brought some sticker paper and markers…here’s one of the stickers.

*By the way, each Saturday they’ve got live reggae music (Upstream) and Happy Hour from 2-5pm. The Kobe Burger is money…and 24oz. scooners of good beer are $4. Represent.


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