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Earthquake hits Orange County, CaliforniaWhoa….did you feel that? My fish tank definitely did. All one hundred fifty gallons of it where shook. The fish tank actually helped me to realize that it WAS an earthquake…it’s been so long since I felt one that I thought I was trippin.
Anyway…so Southern California gets another earthquake …nothing surprising I guess. But…it’s still news, right?

Wonder where the epicenter was…

*by the way, this happened at about 7:50pm.

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Super Mario Bros No Longer ‘Best Selling Game Of All Time’…

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Super Mario BrosI’m gonna post my opinion in front of the article instead of at the end on this one. Here it is: This is lame. I know, I know…the WII ‘IS SO COOL!’…but, um…it’s NOT Super Mario cool. Let’s face it. Just because there are more people playing video games than ever in history, WII sports wins. Super Mario Bros. deserves to hold that title on the basis that back when that game was hot, every kid that played video games was playin it. Everyone. WII can’t claim that. In my book, you will always be number one Mario Bros.
Wii Sports is best-selling game ever
Jock blockbuster topples Mario.

Well, that didn’t take long.

According to game-tracking website VGChartz, sales of Nintendo’s pop-culture phenom Wii Sports have surpassed those of legendary platformer Super Mario Bros., making the breakout Wii title the best-selling video game of all time. And it only took two years and two months to do it.

The data is based on cumulative worldwide sales figures ending the week of December 27, 2008, which indicate that lifetime sales of Wii Sports have exceeded Mario’s staggering 40.24 million units.

Shocked? Don’t be. Unlike most video games that can be bought at retail, Wii Sports comes bundled with the Wii hardware in every territory other than Japan and Korea. In other words, if you bought a Wii, you bought Wii Sports whether you liked it or not (chances are, you liked it). With over 45 million Wiis sold worldwide to date, it’s only logical that Wii Sports would start smashing records sooner or later.

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Clever Graffiti…

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6emeia - Smoking Sewer Graffiti
Hehehe…this is great. Wish I woulda thought of this when I was still painting the streets!

6emeia - Simon Says Graffiti
Another nice one from this foo. I’d way rather see the ‘Simon Says’ game on the streets than the borring manholes we currently ‘enjoy’…hehehe.

For more from 6Emeia: CLICK

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Create .PDF Files Online Or On Your Computer For Free…

Category: Uncategorized The quick way to  generate PDF filesI was just in the need of converting a file to pdf and found this website (again). This site does online conversions for anyone needing to convert file ‘A’ to ‘A.pdf’. It’s super quick and easy, and you don’t have to install any software to use. It’s all done on their site. Click the logo to visit them and get started converting.

If you are interested in being able to create .pdf files on your computer, I recommend this other software from Acro Software called CutePDF Writer (used to be called CutePDF Printer). This software is dope because it’s super tiny and does exactly what most people need. Once installed, you can simply choose to print any document (from any software the has printing ability) with CutePDF Writer. So basically, it acts like a printer on your system, except it creates a .pdf when used.

So..for those of you out there that need an easy way to create .pdf’s, both of these are my recommendations. Otherwise, you can use the Adobe products, but I know that most folks don’t need that heavy-duty software just to make pdf files.


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Wallpaper: Braces Are For Suckers!…

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Braces Are For Suckers Wallpaper (braces r 4 suckerz)
Here’s my first contribution to the wallpapers of the world in 2009. This one is based off a sketch I did a few years back. The character was done with just pen and ink….no erasing. Then I saw it and decided to dress it up a bit and make a wallpaper out of it.
Since I get a lot of hits from people doing searches for graffiti wallpaper, graffiti, and graffiti characters, I thought this might be appreciated by those peeps. I was thinkin about taking this into Illustrator and doing a full color version…but I like the simplicity of sketches…so I left this alone. Maybe I’ll come back to it and mess with it later.


*Click on the image to see full-sized. Right-click and ‘save-as’ to set as desktop or save image to computer.

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Wow…This Is How Hip-Hop Should Be Done…

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Heheheh…crazy embarrassing. I guess this is from the movie Teen Witch from 1989.

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Hip-Hop Violin…

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Pretty dope. …although I couldn’t listen to much more than this one video without gettin sick of the violin. Homeboy is definitely talented though. Looks like he’s got a new site and album coming too. CLICK

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