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Category: Uncategorized The quick way to  generate PDF filesI was just in the need of converting a file to pdf and found this website (again). This site does online conversions for anyone needing to convert file ‘A’ to ‘A.pdf’. It’s super quick and easy, and you don’t have to install any software to use. It’s all done on their site. Click the logo to visit them and get started converting.

If you are interested in being able to create .pdf files on your computer, I recommend this other software from Acro Software called CutePDF Writer (used to be called CutePDF Printer). This software is dope because it’s super tiny and does exactly what most people need. Once installed, you can simply choose to print any document (from any software the has printing ability) with CutePDF Writer. So basically, it acts like a printer on your system, except it creates a .pdf when used.

So..for those of you out there that need an easy way to create .pdf’s, both of these are my recommendations. Otherwise, you can use the Adobe products, but I know that most folks don’t need that heavy-duty software just to make pdf files.


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Wallpaper: Braces Are For Suckers!…

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Braces Are For Suckers Wallpaper (braces r 4 suckerz)
Here’s my first contribution to the wallpapers of the world in 2009. This one is based off a sketch I did a few years back. The character was done with just pen and ink….no erasing. Then I saw it and decided to dress it up a bit and make a wallpaper out of it.
Since I get a lot of hits from people doing searches for graffiti wallpaper, graffiti, and graffiti characters, I thought this might be appreciated by those peeps. I was thinkin about taking this into Illustrator and doing a full color version…but I like the simplicity of sketches…so I left this alone. Maybe I’ll come back to it and mess with it later.


*Click on the image to see full-sized. Right-click and ‘save-as’ to set as desktop or save image to computer.

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Wow…This Is How Hip-Hop Should Be Done…

Category: Funny/Etc.,Hip-Hop

Heheheh…crazy embarrassing. I guess this is from the movie Teen Witch from 1989.

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Hip-Hop Violin…

Category: Hip-Hop

Pretty dope. …although I couldn’t listen to much more than this one video without gettin sick of the violin. Homeboy is definitely talented though. Looks like he’s got a new site and album coming too. CLICK

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Movie: Felon (2008)…

Category: Movies/TV

Felon Movie Poster 2008
I’ve had a note on my desktop for about two months now about this movie…so I’m deleting that note and finally posting this up. I wanted to post about this film because I don’t think many people even knew that it came out. This is a cool flick that is about some crazy events that land an ‘innocent’ dude in prison and how once things go wrong, they just snowball. This is actually kinda scary to watch, if you consider that some of the events could actually happen in real life… Anyway, this is a great chance to see Val Kilmer in a different sort of roll, and he does a really good job.Felon 2008 Val Kilmer
Stephen Dorff is also very good in this and I can definitely recommend this for a ‘Blockbuster’ night. As usual, I’m not saying this is some life-changing, grammy-type shit, but it’s worth the watch. And being a relatively small-time release (by today’s standards), this was a great surprise. Some brutal action scenes and the flow of the flick is pretty on point as well.
Also, that dude in the wheelchair (the narrator) from the HBO series ‘Oz’ is in this. Only in this, he’s the prison guard that is nuts…pitting inmates against each other and worse. He does an excellent job of making the viewer hate him…hehehe.



‘No Woman No Cry’ Songwriter Dies…

Category: Reggae

Bob Marley - No Woman No CryVincent Ford, the songwriter credited with composing the Bob Marley reggae classic No Woman, No Cry has died in Jamaica. He was 68.

Ford lost both his legs to diabetes and died in hospital from complications caused by the disease, said a spokesman for the Bob Marley Foundation.

His smash hit appeared on Marley’s 1974 Natty Dread album.

It was inspired by the Trench Town ghetto in Kingston where both men lived in the 1960s.

Some claim Marley wrote it himself but gave Ford the credit to help his friend support himself with the royalties.

Ford is also credited with three songs on Marley’s 1976 album Rastaman Vibration.

Marley remains the most widely known and revered performer of reggae music, and is credited for helping spread Jamaican music to the worldwide audience.

He died of cancer in Miami in 1981, aged 36.   *source: BBC News

I gotta say, that if Bob did write that jam and still credited his buddy with it, that’s a pretty damn nice thing to do. Hooking him up with royalties for the rest of his life. If not, it’s too bad that the rumor got started and continues. Guess we’ll never really know.

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One Year In 40 Seconds…

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This is pretty neato. Surprising how different it looks during the different seasons. Well…welcome to 2009 everybody.


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