Shit Just Got Real

Category: Funny/Etc.

When police car chases GET REAL!

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Graffiti: Smug and Palms

Category: Graffiti/Art

Smug and Palms killin shit:

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Joke: A Visit From The Grandparents

Category: Funny/Etc.

Grandma and Grandpa were visiting their kids overnight.

When Grandpa found a bottle of Viagra in his son’s medicine cabinet, he asked about using one of the pills.

The son said, “I don’t think you should take one Dad; they’re very strong and very expensive.”

“How much?” asked Grandpa.

“$10. a pill,” Answered the son.

“I don’t care,” said Grandpa, “I’d still like to try one, and before we leave in the morning, I’ll put the money under the pillow.”

Later the next morning, the son found $110 under the pillow. He called Grandpa and said, “I told you each pill was $10, not $110.”

“I know,” said Grandpa. “The hundred is from Grandma!”

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Join The Fight: Men Against Meggings

Category: Funny/Etc.

Sometimes it takes a gorilla of a man to talk some sense into you sissyfied weirdos. You know who you are:

Seriously dudes, makeup?! Girl pants? What are you thinking?

Luckily the tight pants trend has slowly been making its’ way out of popular culture. Thank the lawd. Shit is embarrassing.

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Fresh Prince Goes Global.

Category: Funny/Etc.,Hip-Hop

The strange shit that people do… Here’s what happens to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song lyrics when translated:

Info from original post: CDZA co-founder Joe Sabia shows us what happens when we translate the lyrics of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through every language in Google Translate (64 times), and then taking what remains and translating it BACK into English.

Featuring Jeremie Harris as Will Smith.

Technically speaking, all but the first verse were translated. The lyrics were translated from English to the world’s most spoken language (Mandarin), to the second most (Spanish), to the third most, to the fourth most, ETC, putting all 64 languages in order by finding the demographic population size on every language on Wikipedia.

Fun facts:
The last translation we put it through was “Esperanto”, because apparently, only 10,000 people speak it.
No one has an official language of “Latin”, but we had to assume a lot of people are still able to speak it. So that was a bit ambiguous.
Proper Nouns never really changed. Neither did numbers, as you can tell in the last stanza, “7,8”.
We have no idea why we did this.

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Skate: The Raybourn Identity

Category: Sport

Ben Raybourn is tearing shit up. Check it:

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Mini Backflip.

Category: Sport

…just like the title says, Guerlain Chicherit does a backflip in a Mini.

You ever noticed how many shitty drivers have Mini’s? I’ve seen two in the last 2 years that were racing down the freeway, cutting folks off, driving like retards, that ended up getting in an accident shortly after passing me. I don’t mind these dipshits fucking themselves or their clown-cars up, but they crash into the rest of us.

Best YouTube comment: “Good they had that warning in the beginning, I was just about to go out an fire up the Prius and try this in a school zone…”

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