Hahaha…Shit “Music”

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Hahaha…this is so bad that it’s awesome. But only for like 12 seconds…unfortunately, this isn’t joke. This dude is for serious…HAHAHA

Now whatchew gonna do wit it?

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This is pretty awesome…

*Yep…it would be awesome to have enough money to downsize your lifestyle and still afford to be able to live on vacation at the beach for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, you have to become an ‘asshole’ first, and even then, you’d have to be able to reach the upper echelon of assholery to stack enough cheddar. Either way, good for this guy. Looks happy to me.

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Mass Incarceration In The United States

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If you don’t know already, our private prisons are a big problem. In the last 30 years our prison population has grown by 400%. Disgusting. Take a couple minutes and get your learn on, then share with a friend.

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Badass Street Fight (Jiu Jitsu)

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Here’s a dope video of a street fight…one of the dudes is a black belt in jiu jitsu though. Check it:

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Hip-Hop: Outkast Factoids Worth Knowing

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I read this cool article over at mdaniels.com about Outkast. Here’s a taste:

As a fan of hip hop etymology (my breakdown of the word “shorty”, here), I looked for Outkast’s role as potential inventors of slang. Turns out that there’s definitely a case for Outkast first-use of “crunk” and “skeet”.

What I never realized is that this is consistent with Outkast’s position as the face of southern hip hop – “crunk” and “skeet” both originated from the south. Southern themes in hip hop are intimately connected to Outkast’s legacy.

Here’s why: before Outkast, southern hip hop was jokingly called “country shit” by east/west-coast constituencies. People began to take the South more seriously when Outkast won the ’95 Source award for best new group. During the acceptance speech, the east/west-coast’s lack of respect for the south revealed itself in the form of boos from the audience.

Read/See more at MDaniels.com

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Reggae: Ziggi – Don’t Get Down

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Check out something from Ziggi called “Don’t Get Down”. This is from his 2009 album titled ‘In Transit’…

*Ziggi now goes by the name Ziggi Recardo

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Bird Using Bait To Catch Fish

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Check out this clever little fucker…this green Heron uses a piece of bread as bait to catch a fish. So rad…he could have eaten the bread, but instead uses it as a tool to catch an even bigger stomach-full:

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