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New Report Blasts DEA For Spending 4 Decades Obstructing Marijuana Science

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The Drug Enforcement Administration has been impeding and ignoring the science on marijuana and other drugs for more than four decades, according to a report released this week by the Drug Policy Alliance, a drug policy reform group, and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, a marijuana research organization.

“The DEA is a police and propaganda agency,” Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, said Wednesday. “It makes no sense for it to be in charge of federal decisions involving scientific research and medical practice.”

The report alleges that the DEA has repeatedly failed to act in a timely fashion when faced with petitions to reschedule marijuana. The drug is currently classified as Schedule I, which the DEA reserves for the “most dangerous” drugs with “no currently accepted medical use.” Schedule I drugs, which include substances like heroin and LSD, cannot receive federal funding for research. On three separate occasions — in 1973, 1995 and again in 2002 — the DEA took years to make a final decision about a rescheduling petition, and in two of the cases the DEA was sued multiple times to force a decision.
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Old Man Schools Kids At Soccer

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Check out this ‘old man’ showing a bunch of young bucks how it’s really done:

Sean Garnier is a street soccer badass. Holy shit that dude is good. Oh…I mean futbol badass :D

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Noc, The Beluga Whale The Spoke

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*This was a really interesting read. Sad, but cool. It’s a very long article, but I’d say worth it if you dig nature/animals/etc.

Millions of years before we humans came along, the earth’s oceans were a vast, unbroken web of whale song. The complex courting arias of humpbacks, the distinct clicking dialects of migrating sperm-whale clans, the congalike poundings of Pacific grays, the multi-thousand-mile moans and blips of massive blue and fin whales conversing across oceans at octaves well below our range of hearing, the nearly nonstop Arctic chatter of belugas: All of them are being drowned out now by our clamor.

And yet a single beluga managed to make his voice go global again, and in the only medium left him: the worldwide web. The extraordinary history of Noc (pronounced no-see) resurrects a captive who somehow has found a way to speak to us, both literally and figuratively, of the true nature of his kind.

Since the early 1960s the United States had been deploying marine mammals, beginning with dolphins, for tasks including mine detection and recovery of test torpedoes. By the mid-1970s, the locus of the naval cold war had shifted to the Arctic, where the latest Soviet submarines were secreting themselves under the ice cap, an environment off-limits to animals including dolphins and sea lions used in the Navy Marine Mammal Program (NMMP). Experiments commenced on weaponry that could function in such extreme conditions. The Navy needed marine mammals with built-in sonar, capable of locating and retrieving sunken experimental torpedoes in the frigid waters and low visibility of the Arctic.

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Bill Burr Tells The Truth About Steve Jobs

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Fuck yes. Bill Burr has been a favorite of mine for a while…and this clip just elevated that status.

Shit is hilarious…but I’m especially loving it because I’ve been saying the same shit for years…hehehe.

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Bike: Danny MacAskill – Epecuen

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Here’s another badass video from Danny MacAskill (and Red Bull). This time Danny hits a city that was lost beneath a lake for decades. Holy shit…3:30. Wow.

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Just Say No

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It’s time…

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